Mrs. Bridges' Class

Wesley Heights Elementary
Columbus, GA

Georgia Habitats

Welcome to our website. We are third grade students from Wesley Heights Elementary in Columbus, GA. We have been very busy trying to create a website just for you. We were studying Georgia habitats and found it very difficult to locate information.  We thought it would be an excellent idea to make a website of information that we were learning and where we found it.


There are a variety of habitats found in Georgia.  A habitat is a place where a plant and animal lives. Each habitat contains a unique combination of plant and animal life in varying conditions of climate, soil. and land resources.  Our class will investigate the following habitats in Georgia: mountains, marsh/swamp, coast, Piedmont, and Atlantic Ocean. 


Georgia Performance Standards:

  • S3L1 a. Differentiate between habitats of Georgia (mountains, marsh/swamp,
                        coast, Piedmont, Atlantic Ocean) and the organisms that live there.
  • S3CS5 d. Locate scientific information in reference books, back issues of 
                        newspapers and magazines, CD-ROMs, and computer databases.     



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